How to… Neon Nails

Neon Nails

We’re lovers of the neon trend hitting the shops this season. Bright pinks, oranges, greens, yellows spread across bags, tops, shoes and hair bands. We thought it would be great to show how to get the perfect neon nails with added sparkle!



You will need;

W7 Harder & Tuffer Nail Treatment

W7 Sunstone

W7 Orange Dazzle

W7 UV Top Coat

How to… Neon Nails

Step 1 – Apply the base coat of Harder & Tuffer

Step 2 – Coat the nails with Sunstone, this peachy coral creates a great base for the neon orange

step 2

Step 3 – Apply a few coats of Orange Dazzle, depending on how bright you want it! We’ve coated ours three times to ensure an eye catching nail.

step 3

Step 4 – Use the UV Top Coat to seal in the glitter and prevent chipping. PLUS, wave your nails under UV light and see the neon come to life


Are you jumping on the fluorescent bandwagon this summer? Tweet us your photos!



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