Magic Beads

When is nail polish not nail polish? When it’s full of magic!

W7 are pleased to introduce their latest creation; Magic Beads. A fantastic kit that helps you create stunning 3D nails.

Each Magic Beads kit contains:
1 x 15ml Nail Polish
1 x 24g Beads
1 x Mini Funnel
1 x Plastic Tray
Choose from Silver Streak, Black Rain or Rainbow Drops. You can achieve aperfect pearl manicure in just 6 simple steps:
step 1
Apply two coats of Nail Polish onto your first nail
step 2
Hold the painted nail over the plastic tray and sprinkle the beads until they cover the surface
step 3
Press the pearls down to ensure they are securely stuck down
step 4
Repeat steps 1 – 3 for the rest of your nails
step 5
Put the mini funnel into the beads bottle and pour the left over beads back into the bottle
step 6
Leave nails to completely dry for 20 minutes

W7 Magic Beads Bottle - Black Rain W7 Magic Beads Bottle- Rainbow Drop







W7 Magic Beads are available online at Nail Polish Direct


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